Technical Textiles

With 25 years as one of the UK’s leading technical textile manufactures, the development of new product ideas is the life blood of our company. Macflex is a leading supplier of engineered textile solutions throughout the UK.

Supported by close working relationships with factories throughout the world we can offer commercially driven design & development, meeting the demands of our blue-chip customer base and, not only keeping up with, but creating innovation in the technical textile industry.

Since 1994 innovation has been at the heart of our business; developing technical textiles in a variety of high-performance fabrics to enable a range of functionalities.

Technical textiles offer a wide range of applications, providing moisture transfer, comfort, cushioning, compression characteristics and recovery properties, controlled porosity, strength, stability, engineered elasticity, breathability, moldability,  conductivity, or just a simple barrier.

Meshes and solid fabrics produced in natural & synthetic yarns, adhesive coated or foam laminated.

Our technical textiles can come in various forms; Woven, knitted, Non-woven, or expanded with sophisticated chemical enhancements such as antibacterial properties, reflectiveness, or heat resistance that will not de-laminate or breakdown.

Macflex has supplied technical textiles to various end uses such as:

  • Chroma key for film , television & photographic use
  • Woundcare fabrics
  • Spacer fabrics for orthopaedic & prevention of pressure sores
  • Lifting slings for disabled patients
  • Fabrics for wheel chairs & mattresses
  • Geo-textiles – reinforcement & construction.
  • Agro-textiles for crop protection / fertilisation
  • Automotive seating and linings
  • Filtration & sound proofing

Our technical textiles are produced to the highest standards by leading textile manufactures, meet the Oeko-Tex® standard 100, and are REACH compliant.

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