Technical textiles

With 25 years as one of the UK’s leading technical textile manufactures, the development of new product ideas is the life blood of our company. Macflex is a leading UK & Worldwide supplier of engineered textile solutions.

Supported by close working relationships with factories throughout the world we can offer commercially driven design & development, meeting the demands of our blue chip customer base and, not only keeping up with, but creating innovation in the technical textile industry.

Since 1994 innovation has been at the heart of our business; developing technical textiles in a variety of high performance fabrics to enable a range of functionalities.

Technical textiles offer a wide range of applications, providing moisture transfer, comfort, cushioning, compression characteristics and recovery properties, controlled porosity, strength, stability, engineered elasticity, breathability, moldability,  conductivity, or just a simple barrier.

Meshes and solid fabrics produced in natural & synthetic yarns, adhesive coated or foam laminated.

Our technical textiles can come in various forms; Woven, knitted, Non-woven, or expanded with sophisticated chemical enhancements such as antibacterial properties, reflectiveness, or heat resistance that will not de-laminate or breakdown.

Macflex has supplied technical textiles to various end uses such as:

Our technical textiles are produced to the highest standards by leading textile manufactures, meet the Oeko-Tex® standard 100, and are REACH compliant.

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