Whether it is for the production of menu covers, binders, folders, diaries, personalised key fobs, table mats, coasters, photo albums / frames, spectacle cases, cheque book / card covers or phone cases, we are certain we will have a quality from our extensive collections to suit your needs.

We offer all types of textiles suitable for the production of leathergoods, such as Coagulated PUs and supported PVC for stitched products. Unsupported PVC for welded products. Flocks, Silk effect moiré, and woven polyester for linings.

As the appointed UK stockist for the Italian company Synt 3, we are delighted to have access to their extensive collections. With vibrant colour pallets, offering vast grains and finishes of high quality coagulated PUs reflecting worldwide trends and fashions, linked with branded names such as “Vivella” and the renowned quality, Macflex can offer a product suitable for your production.

To view the full collections in their entirety, please have a look at the link www.synt3.com with many of the ranges being stock supported by Macflex in the UK.

For samples or swatch cards, please contact us on sales@macflex.com and we shall be pleased to assist in any requirements you may have.